We are already in the middle of the year. Can you believe it! How time flies. Lots has happened since my exhibition at Fitzrovia Gallery in London 2016. That is done and I have produced a new work since: “The Success Cycle”. The protagonist is my Alter Ego Belinda Evangelica, who recently turned from a fashionista and social buttefly into quite a hardcore success preacher, if you want. She started touring her motivational speech on how to be successful and premiered it in July in Berlin. I’d say it was a success. There will be more opportunities to see her. Watch this space!


This work will be exhibited in September 2017 in Halle and will be one part of my solo exhibition. The other two parts will be two new works I’ve been busy with since the end of last year. There is an oil painting installation called “The House of Success” and a work with and by my Alter Ego Colbee Hawkins_89.

Below is the work on progess for the mentioned series of oil paintings.



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